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AJ Osborne

Co-Founder/Owner Bitterroot Holdings, President of Keylock Storage, & Founding Member Store Local
At one point in time, I was a well-paid benefits consultant making good money. I had a great job and controlled my own time. I was convinced that I had beat the 9-5. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true. I was stuck on a treadmill just the same as everyone else. If I stopped running, the money stopped coming in. Every time I lost a client I’d have to run hard to replace them or I’d lose that income. The only difference between me and anyone else was that I had more bosses! Frustrated, I set out to change this and do things differently than I’d done before. learned all I could and presented to my business partner that we should completely change what we were doing, everything that had gotten us to that point. Despite this being a complete 180-degree turn for us, he was on board. The result was building a self storage portfolio spread across four states worth over $100 million today that we own, manage, and operate. It can never fire us and always pays us whether we work or not. Whether it’s health problems, job loss, or simply not living the life you want – creating financial independence through self storage gives you the opportunity to choose how to live your life. This is the goal I want to help you achieve. I want to help you gain financial control of your lives and break the chains that are holding you back from living the life you want. Join me as I share how I built financial freedom through self storage and how you can too. I hope you can use the information and education that I provide as a guide and an inspiration for growing your self storage portfolio and living a better life. - AJ”