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01 Dec 2020

Wentworth Property Company Revitalizes Old Facility with MASS Relocatable Storage Units by Janus


TEMPLE, GA, DECEMBER 1st, 2020 – Janus International Group (“Janus”), the leading global manufacturer and supplier of turn-key building solutions and new technology for the self storage industry, announces Wentworth Property Company’s renovation and expansion with MASS relocatable self-storage units.

Eager to expand its presence in an established market, Wentworth Property Company acquired a mom-and-pop self-storage facility in San Antonio, Texas, that was well occupied despite being a class C facility. The team knew with a little renovation, expansion, and unit remix, they could bring the dated facility back to life and maximize its revenue stream; however, Wentworth didn’t want to take the all-consuming and costly approach of traditional construction to renovate this site - that’s when they turned to portable storage.

David Brown, Director of Self-Storage of Wentworth Property Company comments: “We added 7,700 rentable square feet of portable storage units to our CubeSmart facility. In this market, you can rent them around $1.30 per square foot. That's a much higher rental rate and you'll quickly see the potential to double your returns."

Wentworth found portable storage to be the fastest way to strategically expand their self storage facility at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional construction. It was an all-in-one solution that limited the work they had to do in order to get additional storage units up and running as quickly as possible. By using MASS relocatable storage units by Janus, they were able to commit to a quick and less expensive solution for expansion without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. These relocatable units provide the same look and feel as traditional self-storage, blending in seamlessly to existing units and to the untrained eye, most don't even realize the difference.

Wentworth chose the American made MASS units since they are built from the same durable components designed for Janus self-storage. With features like diamond plating, customized color options and insulated roofs to regulate the Texas heat, these units were strategically designed to meet Wentworth's every need, from aesthetics to functionality. These potable units work in all kinds of situations, which really helped Wentworth hurdle some obstacles during their renovation process.

The biggest hurdle Wentworth faced during the renovation was with an under-performing (and awkward) rear parking lot that was sloping significantly from the North to the South. This lot was previously used for boat and RV storage; however, after conducting a market analysis, the team learned that it wasn't serving the demographic needs in their area and that they could increase their revenue stream by offering drive-up self storage units instead.

That's when Wentworth brought in 82 drive-up portable MASS units to remix their under performing parking lot. These units easily accommodated the sloping land with their adjustable bases, saving Wentworth significant time, money and resources in comparison to renovating this area with traditional ground-up construction.

With the addition of several unit sizes, they were able to better target the demographic needs of the San Antonio area and offer units that would be most profitable to their facility. MASS relocatable storage units are configurable on a 10’ x 20’ platform, which allows for an easy pick and choose process to best accommodate the sizes needed for each facility. If area trends change, it’s not a problem - these moveable units can too.

Because of their American made quality and drive-up convenience, Wentworth was able to charge a higher rental rate for their MASS relocatable storage units. This helped to quickly increase the facility’s revenue stream. In just 4 months after opening the renovated site, the CubeSmart facility is rented at 85% occupancy and has no intention of slowing down. Click here to learn more: https://www.janusintl.com/PRODUCTS/RELOCATABLE-STORAGE-MASS

About Janus

Janus International Group, LLC (www.janusintl.com) is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of turn-key self-storage building solutions including: roll up and swing doors, hallway systems and re-locatable storage units, and facility and door automation tools. The Janus team operates out of several U.S. locations and five locations internationally. Janus is owned by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. a CA based private equity firm.

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