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02 Mar 2021

We're Entering Canada.


Radius+ Enters Canada.

Today, we are formally announcing our jump into Canada 🇨🇦.

The rollout will integrate Canadian demographic data, satellite imagery, as well as comprehensive macro analysis within our Radius+ Insider product. Each day, more and more Canadian self storage facilities are being added to our Radius+ platform. The segway into Canadian provinces marks a huge milestone, synching with our 5 year anniversary and first leap beyond United States location intelligence data. The Canadian self storage market has grown rapidly over recent years and investors have taken a keen eye to increased activity. The industry already boasts an increasing 3 Sq.Ft. of net rentable self storage space per capita, and quickly approaching 3,000 facilities nationwide.

In the video below, Jonathan, Nikki, and Tao kick off the exciting news explaining how and why we are entering Canada. Click here or on the thumbnail below to hear it from them.

Here are the four main components to our 🇨🇦 launch:
  1. We are tracking all self storage facilities and development data.
  2. We are integrating Canada demographic data! We'll be deploying with StatisticsCanada census data.
  3. We are updating Canada satellite imagery to ensure you utilize aerial views while on the platform.
  4. We are enabling all analysis within Radius+ Insider. You will be able to navigate to the insider page and hit the drop down to select Canada.

Schedule a demo with Tao today to learn more.

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