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21 Apr 2022

Union Realtime to Launch ManageSpace, an All-in-One Self Storage Property Management Platform


The upcoming ManageSpace is a property management platform that supports clients’ end-to-end workflow including unit inventory, customer intake, payments, lease management, revenue management, and more. It will demo for the first time at Inside Self-Storage World Expo (ISS) on April 20-21.

Union Realtime (URT), which offers a suite of location intelligence tools for self-storage and the wider real estate industry, will be adding a new tool to its portfolio which aims to bring property asset management to the 21st century.

All-in-One Solution

Called ManageSpace, the end-to-end platform allows clients to manage leads, inventory, payment, and reporting in the same tool instead of turning to various third-party systems for each part of their workflow. Because it’s cloud-based, ManageSpace is accessible on all devices, eliminating the need for in-store kiosks.

With all its features, ManageSpace delivers 10x the value at half the cost of other options on the market. “Our vision was not to simply improve upon existing solutions but rather to create a comprehensive approach to how day-to-day operations are supported,” says Paola Santiago, Senior Technical Product Manager.

Customer Informed

Manage Space was developed after months of in-depth interviews with owners and operators of leading self-storage companies to understand their needs, challenges, and daily operations. “Those insights allowed us to create a system that fills gaps while seamlessly integrating with existing workflow,” adds Santiago.

Designed to be used for a wide array of property asset classes like marinas, RVs, and self-storage, ManageSpace is inherently flexible, working into users’ process, documentation flow, and language rather than requiring them to retrofit the way they do business.

Some of the features that make ManageSpace a first-of-its-kind solution are:


The team at Union Realtime hopes that ManageSpace will also serve as a community-builder among people in the storage industry, encouraging conversation and collaboration among peers. They also plan to stay closely connected to their community of users, letting them weigh in on future features and updates as they continue to improve the product.

ManageSpace is currently slated to be released in the fall and can be demoed at Inside Self-Storage World Expo (ISS) on April 20-21.

About Union Realtime

Founded in January of 2016 with the vision of combining traditional bottom-up equity research with big and disparate data, Union Realtime delivers industry-breaking technology the self-storage space has never seen.

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Maryanne McGrath
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