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21 Aug 2018

Union Realtime Announces the Compass Report


James de Gorter

Union Realtime

Union Realtime is excited to announce the launch of The Compass Report; the self storage industry’s first on-demand feasibility report. The Compass Report can be generated using Union Realtime’s pay-per-use self storage analytics platform, Radius. Users are able to run a detailed feasibility analysis of any address in the United States. The contents of the report will include supply/demand, competitive landscape, current and historical rental rates, demographics, development project activity and other essential site-specific details.

Union Realtime worked closely with TCF Bank to understand the underwriting process and the metrics that matter most when evaluating a self storage investment. The Compass Report aims to set the standard for third-party investment benchmarking by providing quality and timely analysis for the industry. The report is ideal for debt/equity investors, developers, acquirers, owners, brokers, and appraisers.

“Up until now, reliable and accessible third party information has been desperately lacking in the self storage industry. Reviewing The Compass Report is now an essential step in our underwriting process.”

Jeff Bass, senior vice president of self storage lending at TCF Bank

“Feasibility reporting has been by far the most requested feature by our users and we are thrilled to work with one of the leading lenders in self storage to bring it to market,” said Cory Sylvester, principal at Union Realtime. “TCF Bank has been instrumental in the design by providing guidance on the metrics that matter most to the investor and lender community. ”

The Compass Report can be accessed by signing up for a free Radius account.

TCF Bank is a customer of Union Realtime dba Radius+ and is not the agent of or affiliated with Radius. All information provided by Radius.

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