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17 Aug 2020

U.S. Storage Units Now Offers Contactless Rental Across All Facilities



U.S. Storage Units, a powerful comparison shopping self storage network, recently announced the introduction of a new contactless process for all self storage facilities in its system. This announcement is in direct response to the growing need for contactless business services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These rentals are available immediately.

Self storage customers can select storage units, facility features and locations online and then pay for their selection without ever interacting with anyone from the facility in person. Once the transaction is complete, the customer can access their unit immediately. This convenient new contactless option is available at no extra cost.

“We are pleased to be able to do our part in flattening the curve by providing the public with safe and convenient options that are within social distancing guidelines,” said Victor Dante, CEO of U.S. Storage Units. (https://usstorageunits.com) “We are working to ensure that our customers are able to find the best options for renting self storage units during this critical time. Renting a self storage unit using this process is the best way to ensure that our customers keep safe and reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19.”

The quick introduction of contactless rentals indicates that experts in the self storage industry are actively analyzing the current impact of the pandemic and investigating new ways to ensure businesses will stay afloat and make it through these tough times. It is a testament to how well the self storage industry adapts to change. Contactless self storage rentals also means that customers will drastically reduce their risk of contracting the COVID-19 while renting self storage units.

Self storage facilities all over the country are taking all the necessary precautions to strictly adhere to the CDC guidelines for reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. In addition to providing all employees with face masks, self storage facilities have also mandated that employees wash their hands for at least twenty seconds and use hand sanitizer throughout the day as needed. There are also social distancing guidelines in place in the event that customers require in-person assistance than the contactless process is unable to provide. Some self storage facilities have suspended the rentals of vans and trucks in a further attempt to reduce the points of contact between customers and self storage employees.

About U.S. Storage Units

U.S. Storage Units is a leader in online self storage comparison shopping, offering customers the ability to reserve a self storage unit or vehicle storage space through the best possible online experience. It specializes in a variety of self storage options, including climate-controlled units, 24-hour storage, RV storage (https://usstorageunits.com/rv-storage), and more. By partnering with the best self storage facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada, the company is able to offer customers the ability to compare facilities and prices and then book a self storage unit online. With over 7,500 locations and more than 2,000,000 self storage units and vehicle parking spaces, it has a wide variety of options available.

Thumbnail: Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

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