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02 Feb 2024

Track all your Facilities from your Radius+ Account with the Portfolios Tool


Get managers the information they need to run your facility - leaving you free to make big picture decisions. Check out the portfolio tool for facility managers today!


This is James the radius plus here today with the portfolio tool specifically for facility managers so by the time we're done you'll be able to manage all your locations directly from your radius Plus account. Your facility managers will get the information they need regarding any type of pricing shifts in their area inventory coming on offline but you get to see everything from a bird's eye view, however once everything's set up it all runs on autopilot sending an email notifications to their inbox as well as inapp as well so we'll keep your facility managers in the loop getting the information they need to run the facility leaving you free to make big picture decisions that will expand your business.

So this sounds like something you want to get set up book a time with me in the demo link below and let's get started

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