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10 Feb 2022

The Value of Competition in Self Storage


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

It's no secret that competition in self storage is fierce. With the number of operators rising every year, it can be tough to stay on top of your game. But the benefits of increased competition are plentiful for both owners and renters alike: it gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd with new amenities; increase your marketing efforts; and better serve customers by providing them more options. It also helps keep rates down as operators have to offer competitive pricing in order to bring in business. And as long as you're focused on what makes your company unique, you'll always have something different to offer potential renters than just another boring box they can store their belongings in.

This may seem like an unusual response to the question of why is competition beneficial for an organization, but competitive analysis in search engine optimization (SEO) provides useful insights into a variety of areas where you may increase your online visibility. Discovering what material your competitors are producing, the keywords they are targeting, and the techniques they are employing to reach out to potential clients might be advantageous. To clarify, this is not saying copy your competitors, far from it, but it could be a good idea to keep tabs on them.

Another reason why there is value in competition is because being surrounded by other self storage facilities is an opportunity for you to showcase what makes your facility unique from others. What is the unique selling factor of your self-storage facility? What distinguishes your company from the competition? Use your one-of-a-kind selling feature and run with it; there's a lot of competition in the self-storage industry, so take advantage of your knowledge and shout it from the rooftops! Let everyone know you're an expert in your field; this will help you build relationships with clients who are particularly interested in your unique selling point, as the trust you'll gain from explaining your expertise to them will encourage a long-term relationship between you both.

Competition helps businesses grow and improve. If there wasn't any competition for your self storage facility, your facility will most likely stay at a standstill and stagnate. This is down to the idea that competition will keep your self storage business proactive, you will want to make sure your facility is better than your competitors, this could be from a lick of fresh paint for the outside buildings, or by adding a new element such as covered parking or even ensuring your employees customer service skills are second to none. Competition helps to keep self storage businesses active, make constant improvements and maintain high quality standards at all times.

Competition is a natural part of business, especially the self storage industry, and it should not be feared. There are many benefits to having competition in the marketplace; for example, they help you stay on your toes by ensuring that you maintain quality standards and concentrate on your specialised area. They also provide valuable feedback so that you can innovate and grow more quickly than if there were no competitors at all! If this post hasn’t convinced you yet, remember this – competing companies have created some of the most innovative products ever made because they had to fight against each other to earn customers. Look at Nike and Adidas, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, McDonalds and Burger King. So don't be concerned about getting upstaged by a competitor's new feature; instead, make sure yours outperforms theirs in terms of features, price points, or specialisations.

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