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14 Mar 2022

The importance of high quality images for your website


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

If you've ever searched for self storage online, then you know that the search results are overwhelming. There are so many different websites to choose from, and each site has their own unique perks. One of the most important things to focus on is your website's image quality. If your images look unprofessional or blurry, then it will be hard for visitors to trust you with their valuable belongings. This blog post will discuss why high quality images can help increase rentals on your self storage website!

Everyone has heard the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words"  before, and it is more true than ever. In this case, a photo of your self storage facility might be worth even more! If you want to appeal to as many people as possible with your images, then quality needs to come first. Having higher quality photos on your website will not only portray the true image of your self storage facility, it also helps the business itself look more professional and appealing for potential customers! Renting out a space in your facility is the goal of every self storage business, and it would be no different for you. You want to make sure that everything on your site can help potential renters feel at ease with renting from you.

If you would like high resolution photos for marketing purposes or an online gallery on your website, hiring professional photographers can help ensure that all photos are clear and well-lit. It's important not just because it looks better when someone visits your site but also in order to show off what a clean space they will have if they rent from you! The last thing anyone wants is poor lighting which makes everything look dingy or blurry (or worse-a dark hole!). You will save time when updating your website because you won't have to edit photos as much if they are taken correctly. High quality pictures also mean less editing work! This leads into another benefit: quicker turnaround time on uploading new listings or changes to existing ones! Not only does this allow more updates within a given amount of time, but it also ensures accuracy in listing information as you will be able to upload pictures of the actual unit.

Another benefit to high quality images is that they help illustrate your property's unique features and benefits, making them stand out from other listings on the site. In addition, if visitors do want to take a look at an image closer up, you won't have any blurry or grainy photos for them to contend with because every detail will be clear without having been tampered with by editing software.

But what if you don't want to spend the money on a professional photographer? Well, here are some quick and simple tips to get you started!

Tip #01: lighting

The right lighting conditions are key to getting high quality photos. Natural daylight delivers excellent results, however intense sunlight might result in unappealing shadows and overwhelming contrast in an image. Attempt to photograph on a day that is bright yet partly cloudy, or when the sun sets behind the clouds. Clouds operate as a diffuser, scattering light from all directions, resulting in softer shadows.

Tip #02: Avoid digital zoom

Digital zoom will not only produce a grainy image, but it will also diminish the overall resolution of the photo and amplify any vibrations from your hands, resulting in a poor representation of your unit.

Tip #03: Focus properly

Adjusting the lens of the camera so that the image is sharp and clear is referred to as focus. The lens on low-end and older camera phones is fixed and cannot be focused. Lenses are designed to focus at infinity, so if you go too near to your subject, the image will become blurry. Most compact digital cameras and smartphones have auto-focus lenses, and on SLR cameras, you may be able to manually focus the image by turning the focusing ring on the lens (in addition to auto-focusing)

Tip #04: Invest in a tripod

If you are shooting your photos with a smartphone or a digital camera a tripod will help you take a steady shot. Pocket-sized tripods are ideal for smartphone photography and are frequently device-agnostic, which means they can be used with practically any phone. A smartphone tripod can usually range from $10-$40 on sites such as Amazon, and they can help increase the quality of the photo, ultimately they are well worth the investment.

Final thoughts

We hope you learned something new from this blog post and that we have given you some ideas on how to take high quality photos for your self storage website. This is an important tool in marketing within self storage, so it's worth the time and effort to make sure they are of good quality.

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