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18 Aug 2020

Tenant Inc’s Hummingbird Offers More Advanced Property Management Solutions


NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ --

Tenant Inc is pleased to release Hummingbird property management software, its latest fully integrative technology product for streamlining day-to-day business and business growth for independent self storage operators. Hummingbird integrates with Tenant Inc’s suite of technology product offerings to provide a cloud-based, fully responsive property management software that is compatible with any device.

“We’ve continued to see self storage operators challenged by rising software prices, vendor restrictions and lack of access to technological innovations, all due to industry consolidation,” said Lance Watkins, CEO of Tenant Inc. “Our solution keeps operators in control of their data and how they access it.”

Designed and built by storage operators, Hummingbird runs via an open application program interface (API) that allows users to integrate with any vendor.

“With Hummingbird, there is no need to alter business operations because of software limitations,” Watkins added. “We built this product with storage operations top of mind.”

Hummingbird property management software for self-storage operators offers tailored features, including a user friendly, intuitive interface, customizable dashboard and business intelligence tool, allowing for custom reporting. Users can accurately track lead sources and rentals through their marketing attribution solution, providing operators the ability to see various data points for each marketing source such as average monthly rent collected, lifetime values and length of stay. Quick actions allow operators to guide managers with dynamic to-do lists configured for specific staff responsibilities.

“Our product is designed to accept innovative applications and to create a competitive marketplace,” Watkins said.

Ongoing development will increase automated operation capabilities and bring more out-of-box integrations including a suite of automation tools and the ability to connect properties with multiple vendors already integrated with the Tenant system. More sophisticated revenue management options will measure and manage in-place and asking rates, allowing operators to increase revenue more effectively.

Watkins added, “We’re in the business of creating best-in-class technology that helps independent self storage operators remain competitive while preserving their unique vision.”

To schedule a demo of Hummingbird or to learn why storage operators are investing with Tenant Inc, contact Bruce Heverly at bruce@tenantinc.com or 775-846-1729.

About Tenant Inc

Tenant Inc, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, develops real estate property technologies for a seamless user experience. Our open platform is designed to create customizable solutions through a suite of product offerings for storage operators, including innovative property management software, cutting-edge websites, digital marketing services and signage, Tenant Interface platform, and the self-storage industry’s first and only global distribution system. At Tenant Inc, technology and real estate are in our DNA. We call it renting reimagined.

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