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11 Jun 2020

Stein Investment Group Announces Partnership with Prorize



Stein Investment Group ealier this month announced the successful deployment of Prorize’s automated pricing solution at all of its self storage locations branded as Space Shop Self Storage. The solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to find the ideal price for customers and operators under any market condition, and is providing much needed guidance in today’s fast changing environment. The partnership of the Atlanta-based firms also signals the success of two fast-growing local companies in implementing industry leading solution and best practices.

The self storage industry is a need-based industry and relatively better positioned to withstand the economic slowdown than other industries. However, it too has not been immune to the sudden and steep drop in demand and the unprecedented uncertainty around pricing decisions. Instead of reacting with unwarranted blanket discounting, Prorize’s AI algorithms exploit pockets of opportunities based on likely business scenarios and align prices for different units accordingly.

Stein Investment Group first started the implementation of the Prorize Self Storage Revenue Optimizer™ (SSRO)™ in January 2020.

Prorize’s Pricing AI Platform includes pricing solutions for new customers in stabilized and lease-up stores and existing tenant rent increases. Its unique approach combines business intuition with artificial intelligence that continually reevaluates the situation to enable the best possible decisions.

Stein Investment Group is a family owned and operated real estate investment firm. Their self-storage portfolio is branded as Space Shop Self Storage and includes industry leading storage facilities across the metro Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Ohio. To learn more about Stein Investment Group, visit http://www.steininvest.com.

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