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30 Jun 2020

Stash-It Partners with SalesMuscle to Accelerate Growth


SAN FRANCISCO, June, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

Stash-It, the San Francisco-based startup that is redefining the self storage experience to be more convenient, more cost effective, and better for the environment, today announced that Lou Parrague, founder and CEO of SalesMuscle has come on as an advisor.

"Lou has more than 30 years of experience in helping organizations optimize and execute revenue strategies," said Co-Founder and President, Jeremy Hass "Two months after our official launch, Lou's guidance will be critical as we move from small local startup to household name."

Stash-It is poised to take on the $36B self storage industry. With 23 billion square feet of existing space, the industry is huge. But it is also deeply flawed in critical ways. It is too expensive; it is too inconvenient; and, above all, it is detrimental to the environment. Stash-It pairs unused residential and commercial space with individuals looking for storage space. By taking this sharing economy approach, Stash-It creates cost savings for the Stash-It User, a truly passive income stream for the Host, and a greener solution to meet the nation's growing demand for storage space.

"One of my greatest professional joys is helping turn great ideas into profitable companies," said Parrague. "With Stash-It Jeremy has created the perfect triumvirate for today's economy: a service that is good for the buyer, good for the seller, and good for the environment. I look forward to working with Jeremy and his team to bring Stash-It to every neighborhood."

Estimated income for Hosts can run several thousand dollars a year. Renting out a standard two car garage can bring in $500 a month. By capturing just 5% of the available storage space market share, Stash-It anticipates a $360M run rate.

For more information visit: www.stashitselfstorage.com.

About Stash-It:

Stash-It is the San Francisco-based startup poised to take the self storage industry into the sharing economy. With a US market size of $36B and growing, and a product offering that is both costly and inconvenient for the user, the self storage world is ripe for disruption. Learning from the architects of the sharing economy, Stash-It pairs individuals looking for storage space, with homeowners and business owners with space to let – putting more money in the pockets of everyday Americans.

Thumbnail: Photo by Hardik Pandya on Unsplash

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