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18 Sep 2020

Shurgard Self Storage Makes Big Commitment on Sustainability


LUXEMBOURG -- September 2020.

Shurgard, the largest developer, owner and operator of self storage centers in Europe - is pleased to announce, as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, that from 2021, 100% of electricity used across all its markets (Netherlands, France, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark) will be sourced from traceable, zero carbon energy contracts.

Furthermore, 81% of all energy (electricity, gas and city heating) used in our stores will be from zero carbon sources.

Based on the achievement, carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) emissions from electricity and gas supplies will be reduced by 86%.

Shurgard continues to work towards a better and more sustainable future through:

Further information on their wide-ranging sustainability plans and commitments can be found in their sustainability report.

This announcement marks a significant step in Shurgard's progression towards a low carbon strategy.

About Shurgard

Shurgard is the largest provider of self storage in Europe. The company owns and/or operates 241 self storage centers and approximately 1.2 million net rentable square meters in seven countries: the Netherlands, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark.

Shurgard's European Network currently serves 160,000 customers and employs approximately 700 people. Shurgard is listed on Euronext Brussels under the symbol "SHUR."

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