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21 Mar 2019

Self Storage Units, Fun Investments, Goat Rentals


Yesterday, I came across a Forbes article titled, Places To Consider Putting Your Money When You Are Seeking Income Potential After You Retire.

The article was written by Brian Nelson, president and founder of NB Private Capital, LLC, and focused on ways for retirees to build a nest egg through investments.

According to the article, Americans are still reeling from the recession, and are very wary of the stock market. Only 37 percent of Americans under 35 own stocks, even though many of them did before the 2008 market crash.

Pointing out that the cost of retirement is increasing, the article suggested three types of investments to ease investors back into a savings/investing mindset.


Investments With Potentially Strong Returns

Fun Investments

At 36, I appreciate the advice and consideration for these investment options. It was a straightforward article and clearly the reader needs to conduct their own independent research on each investment option to determine if any of these investments are right for them.

Our industry continues to receive a lot of attention post-recession and offers returns that other investments may not. There's still a lot to consider though. If you're thinking about getting into the self storage business, here's a great article written by Kris Bennett.

I simply wanted to share with you that "self storage units" and "goat rentals" finally found a way to coexist in one article, both as investment options. It made my day.

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