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03 Apr 2023

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

Our recent articles have concentrated on self-storage marketing strategies. With the self-storage industry being as competitive as it is, focusing on your self-storage marketing strategy is one way to force yourself to the front. You can implement various marketing strategies in your self-storage business to attract new customers, from utilizing digital platforms to creating enticing special offers too good to turn down. The possibilities with marketing are endless.

The following provides summaries of the self-storage marketing strategies articles:

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Creating A Strong Online Presence - Part 1

This article emphasizes the importance of a strong online presence for self-storage businesses in the digital age. It helps attract new tenants and stand out in a competitive market. The article is divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on website creation, social media, and SEO.

Key points include:

By implementing these strategies, self-storage businesses can create a comprehensive online presence, reach a wider audience, establish their brand, and drive more business.

Read the full article here.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Creating A Strong Online Presence - Part 2

This article highlights the importance of a robust online presence for self-storage facilities in the increasingly digitized world. Four essential elements for creating an effective online presence are online listings, reviews, mobile optimization, and analytics.

By focusing on these four elements, self-storage facilities can improve online visibility, reach a larger audience, establish trust with potential customers, and grow their business over time.

Read the full article here.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Content Marketing

This article discusses how content marketing can help businesses stand out, attract customers, and grow. Content marketing is a strategic approach involving creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately driving profitable customer actions.

Content marketing is essential for self-storage businesses for several reasons:

To use content marketing effectively, self-storage businesses can:

By incorporating content marketing into their self-storage marketing strategy, businesses can establish themselves as industry thought leaders, build trust with potential customers, and ultimately grow their business. Strong content marketing can lead to long-term results and help companies thrive in a competitive market.

Read the full article here.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for self-storage businesses to increase visibility and customer engagement. Build a quality email list using website sign-up forms, social media, and in-person sign-ups. Create effective emails with valuable content and eye-catching subject lines. Use email marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or Sender to streamline your efforts and track your campaigns. By implementing these strategies, your self-storage business can stand out in a competitive market.

Read the full article here.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a cost-effective strategy for self-storage businesses that leverages existing customers to gain new ones through incentives. It enhances brand reputation, increases customer retention, and generates high-quality leads. To create a successful referral marketing program, define your target audience and incentives, track and measure referrals, promote the program across multiple channels, engage with and reward referrers and referred customers, and continuously evaluate and optimize the program. Several self-storage businesses, such as Public Storage Canada, American Self Storage, and CubeSmart, already have successful referral marketing programs that demonstrate various incentives and strategies.

Read the full article here.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategies: Discount Marketing

Discount marketing, or special offers, is an effective strategy for self-storage businesses to increase customer engagement, sales, and revenue while helping the facility stand out from competitors. There are various special offers, including percentage off, free rental periods, free use of trucks, coupon codes, BOGOF deals, and referral bonuses. To implement special offers successfully, identify your target audience, set a timeframe, and promote the offer using social media, email marketing, signs, leaflets, and newspaper ads. Best practices include:

Avoid over-complex offers, inappropriate timeframes, limited options, and failure to promote the offer. Examples of successful discount marketing in the self-storage industry include Public Storage's $1 first month's rent and Life Storage's one-month rent-free offer.

Read the full article here.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, your self-storage marketing strategy can be the key that helps you stand out from the competition and helps a customer choose your facility over the one down the road. A variety of marketing strategies can be implemented for your self-storage marketing strategy, and this article has summarized a series of articles on the matter. Ranging from special offers to succeeding on the internet.


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