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22 Apr 2020

Self Storage is Targeting Your Oversized Winter Sweaters


As Winter shifts into Spring, we prepare for our many annual seasonal adjustments. We adjust to new seasonal food and beverages, new hobbies and activities, but also to new fashion and clothing. Big bulky sweaters are replaced by slim t-shirts and crop-tops, and jackets are put on the top shelves no longer required in our daily routines.

The self storage industry is very aware of this seasonality trend, often marketing themselves as the solution for winter athletes who want to store their skis and bulking equipment during off-seasons.

Just this month, MakeSpace Storage announced their latest offering dubbed “Seasonal Closet” in which they offer a lighter version of their signature valet storage service.

MakeSpace operates in major metropolitan cities across the country (and one in Canada), in which their customers vastly have smaller living quarters with minimal storage space.

Marked at $29 per month, MakeSpace will pick up, store, and re-deliver off-season items two times per year. The company is marketing the service as an extra closet in order to declutter your unwanted seasonal items, vs throwing out items completely.

“MakeSpace was founded with the mission of completely reinventing the antiquated customer experience of self-storage,” said makespace CEO Rahul Gandhi. He goes on to state ”With Seasonal Closet, we’re excited to offer an even more affordable option for customers who need just a little extra space as the seasons change.”

New York based self storage facility, Tarrytown Self Storage, also launched a similar ‘closet line’ this past March aimed at the shift in seasonal temperatures.

The company, which operates about 18 facilities in the NY area, are offering “Cedar Closets” as an alternative to metal which they claim are perfect for clothes, shoes, delicates, bedding, wine, paperwork, and antiques.

The cedar wood has a “natural ability to protect items from mold and mildew,” however can be costly to install in your own home.

Marketing your facility as an extra closet is a great way to attract those who prefer to avoid Marie Kondo’s throw-away tactics, and simplify declutter their homes seasonally.

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Thumbnail: by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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