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08 Mar 2022

Self Storage India: Our Story - Part Two


Dr. Manjali Khosla

CEO - Self Storage India


About Us:

Why Self Storage India?

What is the Company's vision?

*** Are you planning on expanding to other locations? ***

In 2022, we plan to start our expansion beyond our home market into eight other cities over the following two years, starting with the megacities of Mumbai and Bangalore. Each of these target markets has the population of a sizable western country. For example, the greater Mumbai region is home to over 22 million people, nearly comparable to Texas’s population. However, all those people are packed into a land area smaller than Los Angeles. These regions are already densely populated, and as urbanization increases, their density will only intensify.  Home space is at a premium, so we believe our storage solutions can be a game-changer.

*** How many facilities do you have? ***

We currently have four facilities in the Delhi NCR area. After studying proximity to our target audience, each facility has been selected based on a data-driven approach. We have a total of 1500 rooms with a pipeline of two additional facilities to be added, which would bring our 2022 total to 2000 rooms in our home market.

In India, proximity matters due to clogged roads and highways; traversing short distances of 15-20 miles by car could take 60+ minutes. We have been thoughtful to ensure each location serves the hubs where our target audience resides within a 20–30-minute drive. This means, unlike the US market, in India, our business plan requires numerous strategically located smaller, 250-500 room facilities, rather than distant 1000+ room mega facilities serving vast segments of a city.

So far, our focus is on private rooms, with different sizes ranging from 25 sq ft to 300 sq ft. We continue to listen to our customers to understand how we may tweak our offerings.

What amenities do you offer?

I believe that we have built a trusted brand name and a set of clients who have become our ambassadors in the marketplace - much of our business arrives through referrals and word of mouth, with people directly landing on our website. This trust has been achieved over years of dependable service where we live up to our promises.

We provide -

Ultimately, our vision is to improve people’s quality of work and home life by providing them with options to move their unwanted / lesser used goods into our private rooms and access them as per their convenience.

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