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14 Jun 2024

Say Goodbye to Keys: The Game-Changing Smart Lock for Storage Units!


During the recent ISS Las Vegas World Expo, we had the opportunity to engage with industry experts, gaining insights into the current self-storage landscape. James speaks with Theresa Gallas of Janus International, about their brand new Noke smart entry, which is an innovative app-based platform that makes accessing storage units a breeze and even enables remote management.


James: Teresa, thank you so much for your time today. We're very excited to talk to you about the NoKey Smart Lock and how it really streamlines the process of people accessing the storage units, which is normally such a headache. So can you talk to us a little bit more what it does?

Theresa: Absolutely. So we are mirrored after the hotel industry, so being able to use an app on your phone to access your hotel room, it's very similar. So your tenants at these storage facilities are able to use an app-based platform on their phone using the Bluetooth in their phone to speak to the Bluetooth in the device. So they can gain access without having another key on their ring. So it simplifies that entire process. It also simplifies the overlock process if the tenants do default. So they can make payments in the app and then gain access without having to wait for somebody to come and remove the overlock, as well as, again, making payment through the app or having to call and make that payment. So it makes that whole process so much easier.

James: So how does this similarly lighten the load of a facility manager and sort of enable remote management as we're seeing it become so much more traction in the industry and tertiary markets with smaller locations? How does this product sort of streamline it and help facility managers who are remote managing?

Theresa: Yep. So because this tool allows you to help on the revenue management side, it helps you gain new tenants. It also tells you from a risk management point how many people are there on site, how often they're there. And there's a thermal motion sensor built into the back of the latch. So if people are staying after hours and they're not paying for it, or they're trying to turn it into a hotel, or they're doing something nefarious in it, you have all this information that if you didn't have that intel from the inside of the unit, if you're just running it without any sort of information about, again, what's going on and who's there, you would lose that. You wouldn't know. So it allows you to use your phone as an owner-operator, or a manager, or your iPad. It allows you to see who's there, when they're there, how long they're there. And again, if it's after hours and they're still there, you can go specifically to that unit to say, hey, it's time for you to move on out.

James: Well, Teresa, thank you so much. We love what Janus is doing. You guys are pioneering the industry and providing managers insights to make data-driven decisions. So thank you so much for your time today.

Theresa: Absolutely. Thank you. And thank you Radius!

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