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18 Jan 2024

Refine your trade area with Radius+ Drive Time


Are you looking for your next project in a rural market? If so, it may not always make sense to view your trade area through an arbitrary 3 mile Radius. Instead let’s see how accessible your location is by actual drive time.


Welcome this is James with Radius plus here today with the drive time tool. If you find yourselves looking for facilities in a more rural Market it may not make the most sense to view your trade area through an arbitrary 3M radius instead look how accessible this location is by driving. Do this press d as in drive on your keyboard to bring up a set of drive time polygons, each one showing you how how much area is covered from its respective drive time. View the legend in the top left for details, hover your mouse around each polygon and select the one that makes the most sense for your needs, notice how the trade area tab is updated dynamically to reflect the newly defined area giving you a complete picture of demographics and supply.

So if this tool is helpful for you guys book a demo with me to chat and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter as well. Happy Hunting you guys

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