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04 Jun 2020

Re-Opening Your Self Storage Business During COVID-19


For the past two months, self storage facilities across the country have been forced to temporarily close their doors or limit their operations due to state COVID-19 shelter-in-placeorders. States are now beginning to lift those shelter-in-place orders in an effort to reopen and rejuvenate their local economies. This can be great news for local businesses. But for many businesses, the question quickly becomes, what do you need to do to reopen and how will your business operate once you fully reopen? Life has changed drastically since many facilities were fully open.

The first step to take is to be aware and ready for health guidelines with regards to employees and customers. For example, in the recent easing of the Georgia shelter-in-place order, businesses are being told to follow OSHA guidelines. Safety and cleanliness should be a top priority when reopening...

The emphasis on cleanliness and safety and adhering to applicable guidelines is highlighted in the recent lawsuit filed against Walmart by a family member of an employee...

Most facilities have not been conducting lien sales or even charging late fees during the shutdown. So, when will you be able to resume these normal activities? Our recommendation is to essentially start over from scratch once the applicable orders have been fully lifted...

This new reality is constantly changing and so are the rules and guidelines associated with it. Be vigilant with regards to your state and local rules when reopening and be nimble enough to follow any and all guidelines recommended by your state and local governments. During this pandemic, the best businesses may be those that protect the well-being of their employees and customers while conducting businesses.

Should you have any questions on operating your business during this unprecedented time, please do not hesitate to contact Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik & Garber P.C.

Stay Safe!

Thumbnail: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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