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22 Apr 2020

Radius+ LIVE Home Hangout on April 30th


The Radius+ Lunchtime Home Hangout

Join us Friday, May 22nd 2020 @ 12:00pm-1:00pm EST for our third LIVE Radius team hangout.

Our May Hangout will feature two additional industry leaders who are joining the conversation! Joe and Terry offer years of experience, and we're excited to welcome them both.

The global pandemic has rippled through the self storage industry over the past few months, impacting all arms of the industry from brokers, lenders, investors, developers, owners, operators, and much much more.

Our LIVE team Hangout was established to deliver transparent Radius data to industry members in order to offer better visibility into current economic impacts. We cover everything from market fundamentals and to marketing trends. Questions or comments? We host the broadcast live on Zoom so you can either text-chat or switch on your own camera to share your thoughts. Have a question ahead of time? Email to Jonathan@unionrealtime.com

We're excited about this one, don't miss out.

Times may are uncertain at the moment, but we hope by coming together for a casual virtual hangout, we can all stick together.

🔴 Recording Home Hangout #1 on March 26th, and #2 on April 30th.

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