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29 Mar 2019

OpenTech Launches New Site Offering Significant Savings to Operators


OpenTech Alliance, based in Phoenix, Arizona and a developer of innovative smart connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, announced the launch of UsedStorageKeypads.com, a website offering used access control equipment at significant savings.

UsedStorageKeypads.com offers self storage owners and operators a one-stop shop to find low-cost access control equipment. The website offers a wide range of PTI branded and DigiGate branded used keypads and controllers with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

“We have replaced hundreds of fully operational access control systems with INSOMNIAC CIA across the United States and now have a large inventory of our competitors’ used equipment,” stated Robert A. Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance.

“While we want all self storage operators to use our open access control solution, our first priority is to do what is best for our customers. If what’s best for an operator is to get a great price on a used component, because they are not ready to upgrade to CIA, then we want to be there for them."

-Robert A. Chiti, CEO, OpenTech Alliance

UsedStorageKeypads.com enables self storage operators to maintain their current systems at a reduced cost, without investing significant resources in a system that may ultimately be replaced in the next few years.

OpenTech was started by Chiti in 2003 in his garage, where he purchased a patent for a self-service system that rented self storage units and processed customer payments. With limited funding, but a sound technology and service concept, Chiti and his team successfully built the company from the ground up. It is now a global self storage solutions provider, and a leader in automation and call center services for the self storage industry.

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