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08 Mar 2019

New York City Startup Simplify, Guarantees 3-Hour Delivery


Simplify Valet Storage, an on-demand valet storage solution and moving company, recently opened its closet space to customers and businesses, servicing the five boroughs of New York City.

With the increase of new co-working spaces and smaller apartments, Simplify is looking to provide a service that is customizable, with several storage options and moving-related add-on products to meet their clients’ needs from bins to unit rentals.

The company provides flat rates ($30 per month per bin), no commitment and affordability. Their differentiator from other valet service providers? They are, "focusing their attention on client experience rather than just automated logistics."

Their service uses a barcode system that allows clients to request bins, that are delivered directly to their door, free for first-time drop off and pick up. Once the bins are packed, a client uploads photographs of their stored content, and can also request their individual bins back within three hours. Additionally, the company sells locks that can be purchased during the order process as an additional level of security for customers.

Simplify's secure, climate-controlled warehouse is located in Long Island City. For an additional fee, clients can access the warehouse to personally retrieve their items. Storage options include solutions for odd-shaped, "bulky items", such as skis and bicycles, that would not fit in a bin for $30 a month per item.

Storage units range from $130 per month for a 5"x5"8", fitting items such as a small mattress, furniture and clothing; or $230 per month for a 5"10"8", fitting similar sized items and a queen size mattress. Moving services are $50 per mover per hour, with the first hour free, but requires two movers for two hours.

Simplify does not offer tenant insurance. Customers must insure their goods under their homeowners policy. Additionally, a customer has seven days to unpack their bins. After seven days, the customer is charged $5 per bin per day, until the bins are returned.

While the company markets itself to both businesses and consumers, they admit marketing "valet storage" to these audiences has been a challenge. "Customers are not familiar with the concept," says Jayline Pereira, operations manager for Simplify. "Most customers are familiar with traditional self storage and moving companies. We're also trying to figure out which marketing platforms, such as web advertising or Facebook, will provide us with a broad customer base."

Founded in 2018, Simplify only operates in New York City, with its corporate office in Midtown, Manhattan.

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