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28 Aug 2019

New Player Announcement: Self Storage Strategies



Store Here Self Storage and Tron Jordheim yesterday announced the formation of Self Storage Strategies, a consulting company dedicated to all aspects of the self-storage industry for independent owners, operators and investors. Utilizing years of experience and expertise in the space, Self Storage Strategies offers a full suite of services in self-storage management.

Self Storage Strategies will offer years of proven expertise to new investors, established owners and management companies by combining the property, acquisition, valuation, and site analysis of Store Here with the proven management, sales and operational expertise of Tron Jordheim. The combined services offered under the banner of the new entity Self Storage Strategies is positioned to be a world-wide leader in self-storage financial forecasting, planning, acquisitions, startups, as well as marketing and management for investors and owner operators of facilities.

Self Storage Strategies offers new and established owner operators of facilities as well as investors a menu of options within their three key services. The Self Storage Strategies Consulting Service offers owner operators an essential marketing strategy for revenue growth, technology implementation, financial planning and forecasting as well as best practices formulas for maximum profitability. Equity will be made available for selected projects as well.

For new investors looking to enter the booming self-storage space, Self Storage Strategies offers Self-Storage feasibility and marketing studies that encompass site evaluation, market potential, projected valuation along with scenario stress tests, marketing and advertising assessments. Self Storage Strategies performs location studies along with land valuation assessments.

Self Storage Strategies provides a full range of services for continuous operations of established facilities. Services include, back office, call centers, management services, revenue consulting, operations streamlining, vendor referrals, marketing implementation encompassing sales and training.

“We see many independent operators struggling to find the best way to market and operate facilities, so we have created a better way to serve their needs,” says Store Here Managing Partner Ryan Rogers. “We also see self-storage growing all over the world and we wanted to find a way to serve those owners in these new self-storage markets.”

Tron Jordheim, a 19 year industry veteran, spent the last four years as Business Development Manager for Store Here.

“In order to compete in today’s markets independent self storage operators either need a big staff of experts or a solid independent consultancy group that can pull together all the aspects of operations, marketing, and analysis,” Jordheim says. “We see a big need for support for small, medium, and large sized operators around the globe.”

Store Here Self Storage, a division of RHW Capital Management Group, LLC (RHW) is a property management company with an acquisition and analysis division focusing on the self-storage industry. Founded in 2012, the RHW management team has over 70 years of combined expertise in funding, acquiring and operating self-storage facilities in 14 states along with owning and managing over 25 facilities.

Tron Jordheim, a marketing consultant, is also an author as well as a worldwide speaker in the industry. Preceding his role as the Business Development Manager for Store Here Management, Mr. Jordheim was the chief marketing officer at one of North America’s largest privately held self-storage companies. His expertise in the industry encompasses all aspects of the business of customer orientated self-storage. Tron was the director of the industry’s largest third-party call center which serviced self-storage facilities throughout the nation. As well as being a contributing writer to self-storage industry journals, Mr. Jordheim is the author of two books on the subject. He has been a keynote speaker in six countries addressing owner, operators and potential investors about the exponential and sustainable growth and profitability in the self-storage industry. Original release is located at https://selfstoragestrategies.com/news.

Media Contacts: James J. Hanrahan (657) 224.9444 and https://www.storehere.com Tron Jordheim (573) 268. 5217 https://selfstoragestrategies.com/ tron

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