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03 Sep 2019

Neighbor.com Announces Their First-Ever Top-Referrer For A Free Months Mortgage


YORK, Pa., 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Neighbor.com, the leading peer-to-peer self storage company, announced Ron Vestal of York, Pa. as the first-ever top referrer in its monthly mortgage relief program.

In return, Neighbor will pay one month of Vestal's mortgage. Vestal referred hundreds of friends to the platform inviting them to become Neighbor "hosts" and "renters."

The Neighbor referral program, which kicked off June 27, commits to paying a different Neighbor customer's monthly mortgage bill each month in perpetuity. The program is designed to highlight the startup's commitment to alleviating the burden of mortgage debt through its peer-to-peer self-storage business model. Neighbor's marketplace has expanded from its Utah base into 48 states, spreading mostly by word-of-mouth. Vestal, July's top referrer, became a Neighbor user on June 20 and already lists three spaces for rent, including warehouse and office space.

"Congratulations to Ron Vestal for the work he has done to spread awareness of the Neighbor marketplace in his community, encouraging others to turn their extra space into passive income streams," said Joseph Woodbury, co-founder and CEO of Neighbor.com. "With a self-storage shortage across the country and mortgage debt on the rise, we have found people are quite open to trying Neighbor once they hear how easily they can make money as a host or save money as a renter. Debt relief is a fundamental aspect of Neighbor's mission and we are thrilled to pay a new customer's mortgage payment each month, starting with Ron's next mortgage bill."

Recognizing that mortgage debt is the largest monthly financial burden for most Americans, Neighbor's easy-to-use web marketplace enables people to supplement their monthly income by renting otherwise unused space in their homes (garage, closet, unfinished basement, RV pad, etc). Neighbor has become an excellent source of extra passive income for hosts, many of whom say they use it to pay down their mortgages. And renters are saving about 50% on storage space as compared to traditional self-storage options.

"We structured this referral program to reward people for referring friends who will not just sign up for Neighbor, but really engage in the marketplace by actively hosting or renting storage space," said Preston Alder, Neighbor CMO and co-founder. "It really just takes one booking for a referrer to leapfrog over another on the leaderboard, so it's possible for anyone to earn the chance to have their mortgage paid in any given month. We're looking forward to continuing this debt relief program next month and every month thereafter."

The Neighbor referral program is open to anyone who wants to sign up as a Neighbor "host" or "renter" and invite their friends to do the same. For complete program details please visit the website: https://www.neighbor.com/invite.

About Neighbor Storage, Inc.

Founded in 2017, Neighbor is a peer-to-peer self-storage company based in Silicon Slopes, Utah. The company connects people who have unused space in their homes, garages or apartments to renters who are looking for affordable storage. Neighbor benefits renters by providing safer, more accessible storage for half the price of a traditional self-storage unit, while giving hosts the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per year from their empty space. Neighbor's team helps keep the connection safe, easy and friendly, so that good neighbors everywhere can help each other out. Learn more about Neighbor at neighbor.com.

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