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17 Jan 2024

Monitor your market with ease using Radius+ Alerts


Want to learn more about a feature that will show you new facilities being built, aggressive promotions happening, and units going out of stock in real time? We thought so!


Welcome, this is James with Radius Plus here today to talk about the alerts tool. This is a feature that will show you when new facilities are being built near you When your competitors are running aggressive pricing promotions or when their inventory goes out of stock as well all in real time. Let's get started. So the first thing you're gonna want to do is set your trade area. So once you've dropped your pin. Select the alerts manager from here. You can select a pricing alert an inventory alert or a facility alert for today. We're gonna go with a facility alert. Step 2 input your address. This is the center point that which your alert will be based around after this you can select your range. Step 3 select the criteria you want to be notified about. Doing this will give you a heads up any time a facility under these stages comes into your area then all you have to do is name and Save your alert and that's it. You're done at this point if anything triggers your alert you'll receive an email and a notification in your alerts manager as well.

All right So this was helpful for you guys be sure to book a demo with me so we can chat one-on-one and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter as well. Happy hunting everyone!

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