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24 Mar 2020

Lunchtime Home Hangout on March 26th


The Radius+ Lunchtime Home Hangout

Join us Thursday, April 30th 2020 @ 12:00pm-1:00pm EST for our second LIVE Radius team hangout.

The ongoing global pandemic has rippled through the self storage industry over the past month and a half, impacting all arms of the industry from brokers, lenders, investors, developers, owners, operators, and much more.

Join our LIVE team Hangout as we chat about the impact the self storage industry has undergone as a result of the pandemic. We encourage anyone to tune-is as they please, or even contribute directly to the conversation with questions or commentary on their own experiences!

We will also have our text-chat open during the entire conversation, so come hungry with questions and our team will do the best to answer accordingly.

Below please find our rough agenda:

  1. Group input on state of affairs. How is everyone managing work/life balance? How is everyone coping with self isolation?
  2. Self Storage! Cory Sylvester reviews latest self storage market trends. We'll cover how the demand for self storage has been impacted, how the credit markets are reacting, how the development cycle has been impacted, and even what longer-term predictions look like for the industry.
  3. Businesses. James de Gorter addresses economic questions about storage businesses.
  4. Radius Platform. Tao Zhou chats latest product tips, and answers any questions from the audience.

Times may not be easy at the moment, but we hope by coming together for a casual virtual hangout, we can all stick together.

Set a Reminder: https://urt.io/homehangout2

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