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09 May 2022

Is Print Media Still Needed?


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

Most people assume print media is the dying art of marketing, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Print is still an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, and self-storage businesses should not ignore it! From flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, letters, postcards, and posters, print media is just as valuable as ever, and its possibilities are endless.

Print media has been a staple of marketing for centuries; physical print helps make consumers and customers feel like more value is placed on what they are seeing and what the ad is trying to portray. This feeling is called "brand credibility." Customers will trust your company more when they know how committed you are to presenting yourselves well, primarily through print media. Your self-storage business should not ignore print advertising because people say that "print is dead." It's alive and well, too essential to let go and forget.

Print offers something other forms of digital ad cannot: physical evidence. People trust tangible items more than anything else. People like having something they can touch or see in real life and real-time instead of looking at an ad on their smartphones or computers - which can also be easily skipped and not viewed at all. Tangible items can help with advertising itself, as a customer has a physical object, such as a flyer from a self-storage company, that they can pass to someone else. Before you know it, the whole town has seen your flyer and knows about your latest offer.

Another benefit of print media is that it can target a specific audience. For example, a particular demographic you want to reach may read and purchase a specific newspaper; therefore, placing an ad for your self-storage company in that newspaper will ensure that the exact demographic you want to reach sees your ad.

There are several ways that self-storage companies can have successful ads using print media:

Print media is not dying; print remains an integral part of any marketing strategy. This post has demonstrated that print media can bring remarkable success when advertising your self-storage company. The post has expanded on types of print media and how best to utilize them. There's something about print ads that our brains seem to like; perhaps it's nostalgia, maybe we appreciate things more when we hold them in our hands rather than on screens? Whatever marketing strategy you have, don't forget to include print media!

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