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17 May 2022

Improving Customer Experience at your Self Storage Facility


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

With the competition in self-storage as fierce as ever, you want to ensure you are doing all you can to increase the likelihood of repeat business and referrals at your facility. Creating a positive customer experience can help you stand out from the crowd; it could be the deciding factor why someone would instead rent from your facility than competitors.

Here are seven key ways to improve the customer experience at your self-storage facility:

Provide Information

Providing customers with information may help set your facility apart and provide you with a competitive advantage. Customers will value your expertise and detail on particular parts of self-storage, such as properly storing specific goods, which storage unit would be ideal for the customer, or what self-storage promotions you are presently running. By being informative, you will help the customer decide on renting from your facility, but it will also give them peace of mind that they are working with professionals who know what they are doing.

Make the Process Easy

The self-storage rental process should be easy for customers, from start to finish. This means having a user-friendly website or mobile app, clear and concise storage unit pricing and availability, and helpful staff members who can answer any customer's questions. You want to avoid any potential hiccups or delays that could cause frustration for the customer. If the rental process is easy and hassle-free, customers will be more likely to use your self-storage facility again.

Keep It Clean

Keep EVERYTHING clean! No one likes a dirty or cluttered self-storage facility. Keeping your facility clean and well-maintained shows that you care about your business and are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. Ensure you are keeping the storage units clean and organized, hallways free of debris, and the office area presentable at all times. A cluttered reception area may indicate that your self-storage facility is not well-managed, something a potential client does not want to witness and may deter them from using your facility.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Friendly and helpful customer service should be a top priority at your self-storage facility. All employees, from the manager to storage unit attendants, should be appropriately trained on how to provide excellent customer service. This includes knowing how to properly communicate with customers, handling difficult situations, and going above and beyond to help wherever possible. By providing outstanding customer service, you will create a positive impression that could result in repeat business or referrals.

Use Technology

In today’s world, self-storage facilities need to be utilizing technology to improve the customer experience. This can mean anything from offering online rentals and payments to having a self-service kiosk on-site for after-hours rentals. Customers appreciate being able to do everything at their convenience, so if your self-storage facility can offer this type of technology, it will likely improve the overall customer experience.

Pay attention to Details

To create a positive customer experience, you need to pay attention to the small details. This means having complimentary coffee or water available in the office and reception area, providing moving carts for customers to use, or offering storage unit discounts for first-time renters. By taking care of the small details, you will show customers that you are attentive and want to make their self-storage rental experience as enjoyable as possible.

Consider Your Competition

Finally, it is important to consider your competition when trying to improve the customer experience at your self-storage facility. Take a look at what other self-storage facilities in your area are doing and see how you can do better. This could mean offering lower prices, longer hours or more amenities, to name a few. If you can find ways to stand out from your competition, you will likely attract new customers and improve the overall customer experience.

By following these simple tips, you can improve the customer experience at your self-storage facility and turn one-time renters into long-term clients. By making just a few simple changes, you can create a positive impression that results in repeat business and referrals. So what are you waiting for? Start making some changes today and see how it benefits your self-storage facility!

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