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28 Mar 2022

How your self storage facility can be environmentally friendly


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

In today's world, being environmentally friendly is essential for many industries, and this is no different for the self storage industry. With more consumers environmentally savvy, having a green self storage facility can help you stand out in a crowded market. Here are some helpful tips for helping your self-storage facility become more sustainable and reduce its environmental effect.

Install solar panels

Solar power is more affordable, accessible, and pervasive than it has ever been in the United States, with the solar power sector expected to exceed 4 million solar system installations by the end of 2023. Solar panels can convert the sun's energy into useable electricity, which you can use to power your homes, businesses, and other structures, resulting in the solar power industry's tremendous growth. Solar panels installed on the top of your self storage facility are an excellent approach to lessen your business's environmental effect. Solar panels enable you to generate electricity on-site, reducing your reliance on the grid.

Install a cogeneration system

A cogeneration system is a high-efficiency generator that generates both electricity and heat from the same fuel. They can supply self-storage facilities with onsite renewable energy to operate important self-storage equipment like security systems and backup generators. Cogeneration also heats and cools buildings by repurposing waste heat from the power generation process. This means they are reducing the self storage facility's reliance on fossil fuels for heating throughout the winter months.

Use motion sensors

Using motion sensor lights in self storage facilities can save energy by automatically turning off lights when they are not in use. Motion sensors detect a person's movement or the sound of a door opening and automatically switch on these lights at night to give light for self storage facility customers.

Use LED lighting

LEDs produce more visible lumens per watt than other types of bulbs such as incandescent lights do. If you want to maximise your self storage facility's efficiency while minimising your carbon footprint, LEDs will be an excellent choice! Energy Star-certified LED lamps last much longer too – up to ten times that of regular incandescent bulbs - so there is less need for self storage facility owners to replace them often. This means reduced waste and lower environmental impact, as well as money being saved!

Rainwater harvesting system

Firstly, do check your local regulations on rainwater harvesting before starting to install a system as the legalities of it can differ from state to state. If you are permitted, then self storage facility owners should think about installing an efficient and environmentally friendly water supply. The largest self storage facilities can have up to 400 gallons of clean water stored in their rooftop tanks at any time, which is enough for self-storage customers to use as they need during the day - without having to resort to tapping into other sources or generating more wastewater. A savings estimate by experts put this amount at around $500-$700 per month! Rainwater capture systems also help self storage managers reduce utility costs while being environmentally conscious.

Don't use harsh chemicals

Many self-storage facilities use harsh chemicals to clean their buildings, but when these chemicals leak into groundwater or evaporate, they can have harmful consequences. Instead, use water-based cleansers, which are softer and less detrimental to the environment. This is a straightforward yet effective method of becoming more environmentally conscious.

Recycle paper and use digital records

Recycling paper and using digital records instead of physical papers are two simple ways to be environmentally responsible. You will save money on office supplies like paper as well as reduce paper waste by doing so. You can do so by introducing electronic signatures.

Final thoughts

You want to be environmentally friendly, right? But how can you manage a self storage facility and still maintain your green lifestyle standards? This article has some excellent advice on how to do so. Not only would being more environmentally friendly benefit the environment and your surroundings, but it will also help you stand out from your competition as well.

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