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06 Sep 2019

How to Navigate Sharing A Storage unit With A friend


This article originally appeared on Sparefoot.com

Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to stash things you don’t have room for in your home. However, what if you do not have enough items to fill up the space?

Perhaps you don’t want to bear the expense of this convenience, if you aren’t going to use the whole thing. Sharing a storage unit with friends sounds like a possible answer. But it is it a good idea? Let’s see how you can make sharing a storage unit go smoothly.

1. Locating the Best Storage Option

You will be sharing a storage unit with a friend, so it is of utmost importance that you find a unit that can fit all of your combined belongings. Both you and your friend will need to come forth with the exact volume of items you plan on storing. Be as precise as you can.

This will ensure that you are choosing the exact amount of space that you need. While not enough room is an obvious issue, renting a storage unit too big for your needs will result in overpaying.

In order to achieve the most cost-effective option, give yourself time when going on a search for your storage unit. Besides the size, you also need to agree upon the location and cost that suits everyone.

2. Respect Each Others Space

Sharing a space will require communication and tolerance coming from both sides. When sharing a storage unit with friends, it is important to realize that we all have certain ideas of a perfect storage room. Although many tend to overlook it when it comes to making compromises.

When you do sit down to make an organization plan, try to make it so that the items of one do not come in the way of the belongings of another. This is even more important if there are more than two persons sharing the unit. You can make a diagram indicating where each person’s items can go.

Once the separation is complete and you have your share of the unit, try not to pay attention to others’ stacks. As long as the storage is clean and you are free to reach your belongings, there is no need to meddle into other people’s ways of organizing.

3. Identify Potential Security Issues.

When renting a storage unit, it is important that you are familiar with the potential security problems. While you can claim your flood damage insurance with ease, protecting your belongings from theft might pose a bigger issue. Make sure that the company you choose has the following features:

4. Make a Plan For the Key Holders

You need to make sure no one has the copy of the key other than individuals with whom you are sharing the storage. You can do this by making a list of everyone who has access to the unit. Try to get your group to stick to it.

However, many individuals will still share their keys or key codes with others. It’s essential to accentuate the importance of discretion. You are all entrusting your property to the safety of the storage unit. You should all be aware of who can come and go.

In addition, if there is only one key to the storage unit, you ought to make a schedule for visits.This is the only way by which you can ensure that the location of the key is known to all.

5. Solve the Paperwork Challenges

Although you are sharing a storage unit with friends, only one gets to sign the rental agreement. When deciding who will have the honors, know that there are responsibilities that come with this signature. For one, the person in charge will be accountable for all payments. Further meaning that although you are all splitting the costs, following the due date is the job for the chosen one.

If you do not want to make it your worry, try your best to pick the most mindful and conscientious one for handling the finances. You should also get everyone who will be sharing the storage unit to agree in writing to their share of the unit’s rent.

If it so happens that some individuals need more space than others, they ought to pay more of the rent. These conversations can sound a bit tedious, unnecessary, or even unpleasant. However, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble and nerves if something unpleasant were to occur later on.

Of course, sharing a storage unit with friends comes with more than a little bit of trust involved. Still, arrangements like these can be helpful, especially if everyone only has a few things to store. In case of any difficulty or disagreement, you must act immediately and deal with it. Such an approach will ensure smooth sailing and a positive outcome.

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