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02 Feb 2023

How AI Can Be Effective In The Self-Storage Industry


Jack Raistrick

Union Realtime

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now, with various opinions on the matter, from it being a blessing to a curse for society. Companies are using AI to improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce costs, and provide solutions that were previously impossible. However, there are also concerns about the potential negative implications of AI on humanity. There is fear that it could lead to job losses or, worse still, an increase in social inequality as fewer people benefit from its advantages. There are also ethical issues to consider when developing AI, such as how much data should be collected and who has control over decision-making algorithms. Ultimately, artificial intelligence has the potential to be a powerful force that transforms the world, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we use it wisely.

In regards to self-storage, AI has the potential to revolutionize the industry. AI can help self-storage facilities better understand their customers, identify opportunities for improvement, and automate mundane tasks like inventory management. By collecting data and leveraging predictive analytics, self-storage businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences that will help them make informed decisions about pricing, marketing campaigns, and more.

Over the last few weeks, I have written a handful of articles on how AI can assist with certain tasks throughout the day-to-day running of a self-storage business.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Self-Storage Security

CCTV Camera at a Facility

This first article discusses how AI can take self-storage security to a whole new level. AI-powered surveillance systems at your self-storage facility can detect suspicious activity and alert you immediately. AI can also monitor the environment, keeping an eye out for signs of distress or other abnormalities that may indicate a security risk. Of course, this is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing you to save money on ensuring your self-storage facility is secure and safe. AI can provide that level of security like never before.

Take a look at the full article here, to learn more about how AI can transform self-storage security and maximize the protection of your facility.

The Future of Self-Storage Customer Service: How Chatbots Can Help

Chatbot image

The next couple of articles I worked on focused on how AI can assist you with customer service tasks and help improve the customer experience. Customers want as much information as possible without waiting for a response from customer service representatives. AI-powered chatbots can provide that information for customers in real-time, which is invaluable when speeding up the customer service process. AI-powered chatbots can also automate many mundane tasks that customer service representatives have to do, such as verifying information and setting reminders. This will allow reps to focus on more complex issues and provide a better overall customer experience.

You can read my full article here, on how Chatbots can help save you money and increase efficiency.

How Interactive Voice Response Can Improve Customer Service and Customer Experience

old style desk phone image

The second article I wrote concerning customer service and AI was 'How Interactive Voice Response Can Improve Customer Service and Customer Experience.' This article discusses how Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can assist with customer service and improve the customer experience. IVR can provide immediate assistance and information to customers, reducing the need for customer service representatives. It can also help streamline processes like order tracking, payments, and more - allowing customers to get the help they need quickly and easily.

Check out my full article here on how IVR can improve customer service and customer experience.

Writing Google Ads With AI: The Future of Self-Storage Marketing

man sat with notebook and laptop

The final article in this mini-series regarding AI focuses on the marketing side of self-storage. AI is revolutionizing self-storage marketing - its latest success story being ChatGPT. In a stunningly short five days, it has amassed an impressive one million users that eclipse even the best social media platforms out there! Compared to Instagram's 2.5-month mark in 2010, this astounding feat represents the potential and power of AI today (Source). AI has become a powerful tool for marketers. AI can now be used to write Google Ads that are more targeted, effective, and efficient than ever before.

Read my article here, to learn more about how AI can help you create the best content for your Google Ads campaign.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these articles have aimed to show AI's immense possibilities for self-storage businesses. AI can be used to revolutionize your security, customer service, and marketing efforts - allowing you to maximize efficiency and effectiveness like never before.


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