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19 Feb 2024

Focus your Attention on the Deals that make sense using the Portfolio Tool


Keep tabs on all the deals you’re looking at and track which ones will be moving forward based on the criteria that makes sense for you! Using the portfolio tool build out a collection for all deals coming your way from listings or your network of brokers to centralize your deal flow.


Welcome this is James with radius plus here today with the portfolio tools, but for those you in Acquisitions. This is a way to stay organized and keep track of all the deals coming your way and track which ones make sense to you start off by building out a portfolio for all your deals coming across from your network of brokers or listings that you're monitoring then stay close to the money and track deals that make sense to move forward on and to build out. You can easily run compass reports directly from your portfolio so that you save time and able to get the turnaround faster to update your investors or whoever it is you need to contact with pertinent information about your facility and lastly make sure to turn on development alerts as well so you know right away there's any new developments popping up your facilities you're interested in.

So if this is something you'd like to get built out on your account book a demo with me so you save time and make more money. Happy Hunting you guys thank you.

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