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29 May 2019

Extra Space Pledges to Take ElevateHer Challenge


Extra Space Storage, Inc. joins the ElevateHer Challenge from the Women's Leadership Institute, pledging to enhance the stature of women's leadership in business and in the community.

Launched in 2015, the ElevateHer Challenge tasks companies to focus on improvement in six key areas:

  1. Increasing the percentage of women in senior leadership positions.
  2. Increasing the retention rate of women at all levels in the company.
  3. Increasing the number of women on corporate and community boards of directors.
  4. Monitoring pay by gender and closing identified gaps
  5. Enhancing leadership development and mentoring programs for women.
  6. Urging and supporting women to run for public office.

Extra Space Storage, Inc. is one of 33 Utah businesses joining the more than 225 organizations working with the Women's Leadership Institute on the ElevateHer Challenge. Extra Space has had a longstanding commitment to advancing women in the workplace, winning multiple national best-employer awards. Additionally, Extra Space has the rare distinction of having female leaders on their board, in their c-suite and in every level of their top leadership team.

"At Extra Space, we value a diverse and inclusive culture. Extra Space has been a great place for me to build my career and we're dedicated to making it even better," said Grace Kunde, Extra Space Senior Vice President of Accounting and Finance, and executive sponsor of Extra Space's Diversity and Inclusion Committee. "Supporting women in leadership allows us to attract and retain top talent, improve employee engagement, increase innovation and enhance the quality of our decision making. We're excited to join the ElevateHer challenge!"

"The ElevateHER Challenge is research-based and non-prescriptive. It's adaptable among different company cultures," "We've seen how implementing this Challenge, and focusing on one or more of these six areas, can attract and retain talent and enhance ROI."

-Patricia Jones, CEO, Women's Leadership Institute

Extra Space Storage Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the second largest self storage real estate investment trust in the U.S. The company owns and/or operates nearly 1,700 self storage properties in 40 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The Women's Leadership Institute was founded in 2015 under the direction of CEO Patricia Jones. Its mission is to elevate the stature of women's leadership in Utah in both business and in politics. WLI began the ElevateHER™ Challenge in May of 2015.

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