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08 May 2019

Elevation Capital Group Reaches $100 Million in 7th Real Estate Investment Fund


Orlando-based real estate investment company, Elevation Capital Group, and its affiliates, ("Elevation") recently announced that its current investment fund, MHPI VII, LLC ("Fund 7"), has reached $100 million in subscriptions. In response to this milestone, the Fund 7 has increased the maximum offering amount of Fund 7 to $150 million.

With more than 500 members, Fund 7 is Elevation's seventh investment offering to date. Fund 7 is comprised of a mix of both storage facilities and manufactured housing communities, and controls more than 7,500 units across 19 assets in seven states. The fund is currently making monthly distributions to its members and expects distributions to continue for the foreseeable future though distributions are not guaranteed.

The goal for the Fund is to assemble a diversified portfolio of cash-flowing properties that gives investors the financial benefits of asset ownership, but without the headaches of day-to-day management and resolving tenant issues. The objective is to provide an excellent return on investment for investors while at the same time providing customers with a quality experience offered at an affordable rate.

"The growth of Fund 7 is a testament to the quality and discipline of our team. While we are making great progress towards the stated objectives, there is still work to be done. We are committed to building strong partnerships with our investors and assets alike as we continue to grow this fund to its goal of $150 million."

-Ryan Smith, principal, Elevation Capital Group

Elevation is a respected leader in the alternative real estate investment arena. The company focuses exclusively on two niche property types: manufactured housing communities and self storage facilities. Elevation, through its affiliates, has acquired properties worth more than $475 million and has an interest in over 175 assets across more than 30 states.

The members of the manager, and their affiliates, have significant prior experience in acquiring and managing self storage facilities and is estimated to be a Top 50 operator. Senior management of the Dahn Corporation, an affiliated company, has almost 150 years of combined self storage properties experience. The team has worked together for over 25 years. During this time, the team has built or purchased over five million square feet of self storage properties located throughout the United States. Since inception, the Dahn Corporation has acted as the property manager to over 95 self storage facilities and the total number of units it has owned and/or operated has exceeded 55,000.

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