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25 Jun 2024

Drive-thru Self Storage - The Future is Here


James McLean

Union Realtime

Drive-Thru Storage: Unmatched Convenience and Protection

No matter what part of the US you’re planning to build your next self-storage facility, think: Drive-Thru!

Drive-thru storage offers a unique advantage compared to other storage types due to its focus on customer convenience and protection from the elements. Designed to accommodate vehicles inside the building, these facilities typically feature large bay doors or tunnels that allow cars, trucks, and vans to enter seamlessly.

Perfect for strip-mall conversions, drive-thru storage facilities provide indoor units that customers can access directly with their vehicles, enabling them to park right in front of their storage unit. This setup significantly simplifies the process of moving items in and out, making it particularly beneficial for both personal and business storage needs.

Key Benefits of Drive-Thru Storage

  1. Convenience

    • No Waiting Around: With drive-thru facilities, you can drive right into the building and start loading or unloading immediately, eliminating the need to wait for access to an outside loading dock. This efficiency saves time and reduces stress, allowing you to continue with your day without unnecessary delays.

    • Easy Access to Elevators and Lifts: Safety and accessibility are key features of drive-thru storage units. You'll have easy access to elevators and lifts, simplifying the process of moving items between floors.

  2. Weather Protection

    • Indoor Loading and Unloading: By driving directly into the storage building, customers can load and unload their belongings without being affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extreme heat. This ensures your items stay dry and safe, and you remain comfortable during the process.
  3. Central Loading Areas

    • Central Loading Area: Some facilities provide a central loading area where customers can park their vehicles. From this area, they can transport their items to and from their specific storage units within the facility, offering flexibility and convenience for various storage needs.
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