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05 Apr 2019

DaVinci Lock Announces Integration with StorEdge and Sitelink


10 Federal recently announced that the DaVinci Lock system now has API integration with StorEdge and Sitelink. The integration allows overlocked customers to pay their delinquent balance and receive the code to remove the DaVinci Lock from their unit completely on their own.

The DaVinci Lock system is an overlock system for the self storage industry. The system uses a mechanical combination lock and each lock is engraved with a different serial number. A cloud-based database stores the serial code, the corresponding unlock code, as well as the other inputs including the unit the lock was used to overlock.

The system can also be used to secure vacant units and with the StorEdge and Sitelink integration, the customers at those facilities can also remove the DaVinci Lock on their own when renting a unit.

The DaVinci Lock ultimately saves the self storage operator money as they are no longer involved in the overlock removal process and the self storage customer has a better experience as they can remove the DaVinci Lock day or night and are not reliant upon the availability of a manager being present.

The lock is a high security lock that is not able to be removed with bolt cutters.

The cost of the DaVinci Lock is $5.00 per lock with no recurring fees.

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