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05 Jun 2024

Cut Costs, Not Quality: Remote Management Solutions for Self Storage Operators


During the recent ISS Las Vegas World Expo, we had the opportunity to engage with industry experts, gaining insights into the current self-storage landscape. Dan Schiermeyer from Keep It Simple Storage shares insights on remote management solutions, including KISS Connect’s two-way video platform and the new NFC Smart Lock. Discover how these innovations help operators reduce overhead costs and enhance tenant experience without sacrificing human interaction.


James: Hey everybody, we're with Dan from Keep It Simple Storage. So Dan, with this new wave of remote management, what are some ways that operators can utilize your tools to sort of lower their overhead costs, but not compromise on the experience they provide their tenants throughout the rental process?

Dan: Yeah, so one of our products at KISS Connect is a two-way video platform. So what that allows the operator to do is they basically have a two-way video that's set up in every office, but instead of having a manager sit at every site, you can have somebody manage remotely or in an office, and they can manage multiple facilities. So one manager can cover up to like five to eight facilities using the KISS Connect.

James: But the punchline here is you're still having a real person on the other side of it.

Dan: Still a real person. So they're still having a human interaction. It's just not face-to-face.

James: Got it. Now, with sort of this talk of how demand has slowed down since the all-time highs during COVID, have you seen a lot of smaller operators and tertiary markets take well to the idea of remote management? Have you seen an influx of people willing to adopt this technology into their systems?

Dan: Yeah, I think in the last few years, the COVID era, everybody was trying to grow. And now everybody's trying to cut back and go back into the operations to make things more efficient. So we've seen a lot of more people interested in remote management .

James: Terrific. Well, what's next on the horizon? What is something you're excited about with the product? And what are you looking forward to for this year?

Dan: So one of our new products is our NFC Smart Lock. So we created a smart lock that uses NFC energy harvesting. So it has no batteries in it. So it has an app. So it's still using all the smart tech, just no batteries.

James: Right on. We love that you're going green, fellas.

Dan: Yeah.

James: Thank you so much, Dan.

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