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15 Jul 2022

Community Cultivations #3 - The Power Of Your Online Voice


Danny Freeman

Union Realtime

Have you been looking for efficient and inexpensive new methods of promoting your brand on social media? Are you bombarded on an almost daily basis with sponsored ads littering your Facebook feed from self-proclaimed ‘marketing experts’ and ‘gurus’ who you’ve never heard of before but who promise to deliver you the world after you sign up to their new course? We feel your pain! We may also actually be able to help you - let us tell you about two promotional methods that you can employ for your brand without breaking the bank or in some cases, completely for free - because we believe when it comes to your brand, nobody knows your content better than you do.


We all have a voice - so, why not use it? If you’ve been paying close attention over the last couple of years, whilst many markets and platforms suffered, one of those was definitely not the podcast industry. In fact, rather than being a part of a shrinking market, podcasts (at least for now) appear to be part of an ever expanding marketing and promotions bubble - however, like all bubbles in all industries, eventually this one too must burst - so the time to make the most of the market and audience is now before it gets completely saturated and you’re competing for people’s ears post-bubble pop.



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