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24 Aug 2020

Clutter Partners With Foley for Driver Hiring, Compliance Management


HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clutter, the country's fastest growing on-demand storage company, has partnered with Foley to automate their driver onboarding and DOT compliance needs. Clutter has over 500 team members and has major plans for growth through this year and beyond.

"We needed a partner that would be responsive to our ongoing needs, as well as have the technology required to manage both our application process and ongoing compliance," said Aaron Bagherpour, Clutter's Head of Compliance. "We could not find a partner that had responsive people and efficient technology to support our high-speed demands until we spoke with Foley."

"From the moment we said 'Hello,' the experience with Foley has been outstanding. We've worked with others before but have never seen the level of dedication to our success we've seen here."

To ensure all of Clutter's onboarding and compliance requirements would be met, the team at Foley configured a software environment that was specific to Clutter's growing needs. "We know every transportation company is unique," said Greg Pakiela, Director of Customer Success. "We have built a team and the technology that has one exclusive focus – the success of our customer."

"To that end, we invested our resources into converting their historical files into our environment for ongoing monitoring." Pakiela said. "Now that this step is complete, the portal helps maintain each file on an ongoing basis by tracking important dates and sending the Clutter team alerts and notifications when action is required."

In addition to managing their ongoing compliance, the portal also simplifies the onboarding process - and ensures that each driver's initial compliance requirements are being met. "As soon as a new driver fills out our digital DOT-compliant application, all of their information is automatically sent to the portal where a profile for the driver is created," Pakiela said.

The team at Foley uses all of this to kickstart the driver's required DOT background screens, create a digital driver file and schedule both a pre-employment physical and drug test. "The Foley portal automates many of the manual onboarding and compliance processes that we had previously - processes that consumed a lot of the team's time," Bagherpour said. "This allows us to get drivers on the road faster and focus more of our time and energy on growing the business."

"We are a fast-moving company and we needed a partner that could keep up with our continued plans for growth," Bagherpour said. "We're very confident that both our onboarding and compliance processes are in good hands with Foley."

About Foley

For over two decades, Foley has been a trusted partner to motor carriers of all sizes. Our technologically-advanced approach to DOT compliance automates many of the background screening and compliance requirements motor carriers must comply with – making it easier for them to onboard and retain the right drivers for their business. For more information, visit www.foleyservices.com.

About Clutter

Clutter is an on-demand technology company based in Los Angeles that is disrupting the $40 billion a year self-storage industry. Launched in 2015, Clutter has built an end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform that enables the company to offer consumers a much more convenient solution at price parity with the incumbents. Clutter has over 1,000 team members and tens of thousands of customers in major market areas across the US. For more information, please visit www.clutter.com.

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