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25 Apr 2019

ClickandStor Announces Integration with Software Firm Storage Commander


Through its partnership with Storage Commander Software, The Storage Group’s product ClickandStor will now have access to a broader network by integrating with one another. This will give facility owners the ability to take payments online and allow 24/7 rentals.

“We have always kept the end user in mind with all of our partnerships, this integration with Storage Commander is no different. We are so proud to partner with Storage Commander, their team has been incredible, and their software is backed by more than 20 years of software experience in the self storage industry.”

-Steve Lucas, CEO of The Storage Group.

ClickandStor's integration with Storage Commander Software will allow tenants to reserve a unit, pay their bill, and move-in all through a 24/7 online platform, making the experience of renting a unit more user-friendly for facility owners and tenants alike.

“We’ve been a longtime fan of The Storage Group’s expertise and knowledge of the self storage industry. We’re thrilled to be able to bring their premier online rental tool ClickandStor in as an added benefit for Storage Commander users.”

-Steve Smith, COO, Storage Commander Software

Storage Commander Cloud is a lightning-fast management software backed by 20 years of software experience in the self storage industry. All packed in the most intuitive interface available, Storage Commander delivers powerful tools such as dynamic revenue management, tenant text notifications, and e-signature online rentals.

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