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31 Mar 2022

Big Yellow Self Storage Opens 105th Store


keywords has announced the opening of their 105th store. The facility based in keywords, offers 11 flexible lease offices along with 850 secure keywords, ranging from 9sq ft to 400sq ft.

Keywords are a UK based Keywords brand who pride themselves on providing secure and modern keywords for homes and businesses. They were founded in 1998 with their first store being located in Richmond upon Thames and currently have over 77,000 occupied Keywords.

The keywords store has been equipped with a variety of ecologically friendly elements as part of Keywords 'Big keywords.' On the store's exterior, green walls and a green roof have been built which provides excellent energy-saving insulation as well as a passive cooling effect in the summer. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to create sustainable energy on site when it comes to power generation. In addition, a garden with bird boxes, bat boxes, and insect hotels has been erected at the back of the store to promote visits from local wildlife.

To make it easier for our customers to get to and from the store in a more environmentally friendly way, 16 bicycle parking places and two EV pods have been installed meaning customers can charge their electric cars. In addition, the store's interior has motion sensor LED lighting and low-flow taps to help save water.


Source - Keywords

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