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05 Mar 2024

Are You On The Right Side Of The Road?


Marc Goodin


Technically the other side of the street is 50 feet. But that 50 feet can make a world of difference. Where I have a villa in Florida a lot of people come and rent for the winter season. One side rents for $3,500 a month and the other side rents for $6,500 a month. There is noi right side of the street. One is just 50 feet closer to (on) the beach. Both sides of the street rent out over a year in advance of the season.

The same goes for self storage. The problem is people do not spend enough time learning what side of the street is best for their budget, their time, their experience, their short and long-term goals, and how to get there.

Storage Authority is not for everyone. It is for the busy professionals who simply do not have the time for their families, their careers, and a lucrative self storage income. Often it is for the busy professional who wants the ability to retire 5 +_ years if they choose and not have to change their lifestyle when they retire.. And to have a financial legacy to pass down to the family.

To make a substantial 6 figure income you should plan on building 80,000 sf of self storage. Here are the land options required for 80,000 sf +_

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