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28 Jul 2023

10 Benefits of Adding Green Space to your Self Storage Facility


Greta Tasedan

Union Realtime

Greenspace and the Self Storage Industry | Add Value with Greenspace at your Self Storage Facility

An article researched and published by the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences determined through a study of Denmark that people who raised and made use of Greenspace in their community were 55% less likely to develop psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety. We don't need to look at the research to see how Greenspace makes our lives better. Greenspaces aren't where we work. They are where we play. Greenspace means socializing, exercise, higher air quality, decreased noise and generally less overstimulation.

Looking at Green Space through the lens of the self storage industry, it's easy to imagine how adding Green to your storage facility site will make customers feel different about visiting your facility. Traditionally, self storage facilities have a reputation of being cold, isolated and somewhat unnerving. If throwing up a tree and planting some grass is all you have to do to boost psychological restoration for your customers and employees, the biggest question I would ask is, "why not?"

The Cost of Commercial Landscaping

First question you will undoubtedly ask is, “how much is commercial landscaping for my self storage facility?” According to the Hecht Group, "...it can cost between $5,000 and $75,000 for commercial landscaping." Now considering that most self-storage facilities consist of concrete and metal for the most part, we can safely assume that commercial landscaping will land on the low end of the cost spectrum.

So now that you know the general cost, it's time to focus on the benefits of adding Greenspace to your self storage facility site, and the positive impact it will have on new and existing customers, employees and your own well-being.

1. Greenspace Improves Physical and Mental Health

Did you know that Greenspace plays a role in helping with rapid healing and recovery from illness? In a study from Texas A&M, researcher Roger Ulrich discovered that patients in hospital rooms facing outdoor Greenspace had fewer post-surgical complications, relied less on painkillers, and remained in the hospital a shorter time than patients without a view.

2. Greenspace Strengthens Social Connection

Greenspaces like parks offer activities like biking, rafting or even bird watching, which are great ways to connect with fellow hobbyists and the general public alike.

3. Greenspace Encourages Education

Greenspaces offer the opportunity to bolster curiosity about our natural world and our connection to it.

4. Greenspace Increases Work Productivity

Studies have shown that employees with access or view of Greenspaces are far more productive then desk employees who are isolated without a view.

5. Greenspace Closely Linked With Long-Term Economic Growth

Greenspaces are proven to drive tourism and generate income for nearby businesses. They can be set up for Ecotourism, create jobs, and create places to put on outdoor events like festivals, markets or concerts.

6. Greenspace Reduces Pollution Levels And Improves Air Quality

Greenspaces help combat climate change, and can drastically improve air quality and water quality.

7. Greenspace Encourages Safer Driving

Roadside greenery and parkway architecture plays a huge role in lowering drivers hostility and fear resulting in safer and more conscientious drivers.

8. Greenspaces Moderate Temperature

Adding Greenspace to your self storage facility will reduce the impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect on your facility making it a more pleasant place to visit.

9. Greenspaces Reduce Stress And Violence

Did you know that Greenspaces are actually proven to reduce crime?

10. Greenspaces Improve Concentration

Throughout the history of human evolution, those people and animals who were aware of, and interacted seamlessly with their natural environment, also ate better, were safer and more productive.

Benefits Of Adding Greenspace To Your Self Storage Facility | Final Thoughts

One only needs to look at the natural progression of human evolution to see what a big role Greenspace plays in our Health and Well-being and in our relationship with our environment.

For more information on easy ways to please customers and make more money in the Self Storage industry, please visit our Radius+ blog for tips, tricks and Self Storage insights from the experts.

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